Vladimir Jandov

I was first introduced to yoga at age 12, and practiced Martial arts and Yoga throughout my teens. When I moved to LA in 1996, I discovered Iyengar yoga and was drawn to its integrity and intelligent sequencing. It helped me heal my chronic ankle injury and taught me how to deal with my mild scoliosis. In 2001, I went to Pune, India and spent a month studying with the Iyengar family. A few years later I became a certified Iyengar teacher and have been teaching professionally and full time since 2006.
For me yoga is a way to connect to my true self, and I try to live by its principles. I love sharing it with new students, and try to challenge my students to leave their comfort zone and learn the poses in a progressive manner, step by step.

Vladimir Jandov instructs the following:
  • Iyengar Vinyasa
  • New Class!
    Minimum 1- 2 years+ of regular yoga practice recommended.

    Join Vladimir Jandov every Tuesday and every other Sunday in an invigorating morning practice where we will move from asana to asana in a dynamic way, following in the footsteps of Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar the way he taught in his earlier days when he was teaching Vinyasa and jumping's.
    Be ready to move for the first 45 minutes, leading to a "peak pose" of that day and followed by a cooling down period with inversions etc. as typically taught in an Iyengar class.
    This class is not appropriate for those who have recent injuries to wrists, shoulders and knees due to dynamic transitions from pose to pose which may aggravate such conditions. If you aren't sure weather you should try it, it's best to approach the teacher a few minutes before class to determine if this is the right class for you.

    Drop-in $22 - Namastday Memberships & Class Packages Accepted.

  • Iyengar 1-2
  • For students who have a solid understanding of the fundamental poses taught in Level 1 along with a base of strength and flexibility from regular attendance. In this class, students will deepen their understanding of the mind-body connection in an expanded study of foundational poses including standing twists, backbends, and headstand.

  • Iyengar 2
  • For students who have been studying Iyengar yoga for a minimum of 6 months. This class offers a deeper and more expanded study of standing poses, inversions, backbends, seated twists, forward bends, and beginning arm balances.

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