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“A number of Brahmin priests were called for a feast. But the host put a condition that while the priests could eat as much as they want they should do it without bending their elbows. So the priests, being very smart, fed each other and they had a huge circle in which one person fed the other, the other fed the third, the third fed the fourth and so on and so forth. Because of this action, everything was sustainable. Each person was fed by the actions of the others. A Brahmin did not feed himself. A Brahmin did not feed others to be fed himself. I say this because even if somebody stops feeding him, the Brahmin has got a mind which says whatever happens, I will do whatever I am supposed to do and he keeps on feeding the others. My feeding others has got no connection with my getting fed myself. If I stop feeding the next Brahmin, and nobody else feeds him he may die. And then the next in the chain will die. And the third in the chain will die and so on and so forth. So the ecosystem collapses.” 

- Birjoo Mehta

1:54 PM

History of the Mat

JasminaJasmina teaching HandStand

It is widely accepted that B.K.S. Iyengar invented the first yoga props.

When he first started teaching Westerners in the 70’s, he noticed that someone had brought a mat to class that she had cut out from under her carpet to prevent her from slipping. Mr Iyengar thought it was so effective that he ordered a bunch and had his students use them on a regular basis. Hence, the sticky mat was born.

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