How Hot Yoga Affects Your Body

There are various forms of yoga. While each class that you participate in will have a focus, that doesn’t mean that one type of yoga has to be the only one you practice. One of the forms of yoga that has quickly taken off is known as hot yoga, and it offers different benefits from all other forms of yoga. At Namastday Yoga, we offer quite a few different types of yoga, one of them being hot yoga. Hot yoga classes are differentiated by the high temperatures that they take place at. Ranging anywhere from high 90’s to the 100’s, these 90 minute classes push you in an entirely different way. Here are a few of the benefits specific to hot yoga.

Calories Burned
Because of the temperatures that hot yoga classes take place in, your body burns more calories. Not only are you pushing your body harder because of the temperatures, but it physically requires you to push your limits because of the difficulty that the temperature adds. Because of that you can entirely expect to have a workout that is more difficult than a standard yoga class.

Plenty of studies have been conducted to see how hot yoga benefits the body compared to other forms, and while results showed that there weren’t tons of differences, the area that struck the most difference was flexibility. Individuals that participated in hot yoga were much more flexible than individuals that only participated in standard yoga. This is because your muscles are able to loosen up with the extra heat, allowing for you to push even harder than before.

If you’re looking for a way to push yourself even more, try switching up the type of yoga that you’re practicing. One of best ways to change up your routine while still loving the exercise you’re doing is simply by trying a different branch. Join us at Namastday Yoga where we offer you the works when it comes to yoga classes.


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