Essentials For Your First Yoga Class

Your first yoga class is sure to be a mix of emotions. From the excitement of a new, fun and exciting way to get in a workout, to the nerves of starting something entirely new, along with the uncertainty of what the class will incorporate, finding ways to make the class as enjoyable as possible is something that almost every beginner does. One of the ways that we find beginners become most comfortable during class is by feeling prepared in the sense that they have all they'll need. Here are a few of the things you should bring to class.

Comfortable Clothes
There’s nothing you can be more sure of than yoga requiring you to push the limits of your flexibility and strength. That being said, it’s incredibly important that you wear clothes that allow for you to get the most out of each position. This includes stretchy pants and loose shirts. If you have longer hair, it’s a great idea to bring a hair tie so that you can pull it back if needed.

Yoga Mat
Since you don’t wear shoes during class, a yoga mat provides you with the traction that you need to hold each pose and execute it to it’s fullest. Your mat will also provide you with some padding when you get to the positions that require you being closer to the ground.

Yoga Blocks
These are fantastic props for people that are just getting started practicing yoga, as well as for individuals that have been practicing yoga for years. This prop makes it easier to get into poses as well as extend flexibility. Yoga blocks are great for pushing your limits in order to get to the next level of practice in regards to position and flexibility.

Shake off those nerves and get ready for a workout that you’re sure to enjoy. At Namastday Yoga, we offer plenty of classes for beginners. Don’t let your first class jitters get the most of you, stop in today and enjoy your first yoga class at an affordable price.


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