The Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing; the swollen feet, morning sickness, inability to find a comfortable position to sleep in and the unbelievable stress levels you feel on a day to day basis. Now, in the long run, these nine months of hormonal insanity are totally worth it, but finding methods to make these nine months go just a little smoother, is never a bad idea. Yoga continues to prove to be a  great form of exercise for all sorts of individuals, but here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll see from participating in yoga classes while pregnant.

Manage Stress

Yoga classes require meditation, deep breathing and being able to center yourself. As you sit in class and continue to practice these skills, you will lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure which will in turn lower your stress levels. The more that you participate in yoga classes, the easier it will be to take these skills and apply them outside of the classroom. That being said, participating in yoga classes a couple times a week will help keep your pregnancy stress, at a manageable level.

Decrease Discomfort

From the morning sickness to the difficulty sleeping at night, pregnancy brings on quite a bit of discomfort. The flexibility that is practiced in yoga helps minimize these discomforts that we all hate. Women who practice yoga while pregnant have notice a decrease in nausea, headaches, lower back pain and shortness of breath when they began practicing yoga on a frequent basis.

Allow for yoga to make your pregnancy even just a little bit better. Join us for one of our yoga classes here at Namastday Yoga and see how these classes and the mentality, strength and meditation will improve your life in the long run.


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