What Do Children Get From Yoga?

As a child, there are so many things that create distractions from class, after school activities and just at home. Aside from that, children deal with peer pressure, stress and various temptations on a day to day basis. There are plenty of ways to keep your kids from falling fault to these distractions. From art to sports, there's a niche for all children. If your child has yet to find an activity that helps them get the most out of everyday life, consider signing them up for the yoga classes for kids offered by Namastday Yoga. Here are a few of the benefits that children see when participate in yoga classes at an earlier age.


One of the biggest problems that parents face while their children are in school is the distractions that keep them from focusing during class. Whether it be peers, doodling or an excess amount of energy, the key to focus is understanding how to moderate these habits and focus when you need to. Yoga requires so much focus throughout the class in order to properly breathe and move your body, so as a child, focusing in a yoga class will help you transfer these skills over to a classroom and other forms of a lifestyle.

Physical Activity

Technology drives the world, and unfortunately the hours spent outside have been turned into hours on the playground. In order for your child to get the physical activity that they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a couple of yoga classes a week will ensure that they’re spending time to work on their flexibility, strength and breathing. This tiny amount of physical activity will help keep your kids from spending too much time on ipads and the computer, while getting physical activity that isn’t in a competitive and high intensity setting.

For children that need an effective way to focus and get physical activity, yoga classes are a fantastic option. Have your child stop in for one of the many children’s yoga classes that we offer and see if it’s a good fit for them.


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