What To Look For When Buying A Yoga Mat

Iyogamatf you’ve fallen in love with the practice of yoga, you’re ready to start investing in the tools that will help you continue to grow and succeed. One of the most exciting purchases made in regards to yoga, happens as a beginner, when you find the yoga mat that will stick with you through a good portion of your yoga journey. Before you go buying the first yoga mat that you see, we’d like to help you by pointing out a few of the factors that you should look for when purchasing a mat.


With so many different styles of yoga, how could there not be a multitude of mats to choose from? One of the main ways that mats will vary is in thickness. The way that you’re going to want to choose a thickness will be based upon the level of yoga you’re doing. Stances like downward dog don’t require much padding, while headstands and the like, will. Another factor to consider will be where you’ll be practicing yoga. If you’re planning on practicing outdoors, the more padding the better.


The texture of your mat will come down to preference, though the type of yoga you partake in could also benefit from texture. In instances like hot yoga, you will usually put down a towel to soak up the sweat and offer a grip, however, you can buy a mat that already has grip to eliminate the use of a towel or to improve the grip at which your towel is held.


Most yoga mats will be made from rubber or PVC, which is what provides the light grip needed in so many poses. These types of material are also extremely beneficial for individuals who will be spending lots of time participating in hot yoga. While this is the more common material found, there are plenty of other mats that you can find made from recycled materials or jute.

While the idea of owning your own yoga mat is an exciting one, it’s not a process that you need to rush. Take your time finding the yoga mat that suits you and your needs perfectly.


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